Answers to some questions.

What is "花火"? And why this name?

It is a Japanese word. It means "fireworks", and it is pronounced as /hanabɪ/, and my friend Jaya suggested me this name.

Even before I was a teenager, I desperately wanted to have my own website, but I never knew what would be the domain name. After I turned 20, and failed to turn the teenage dream into reality, I was speaking to Jaya, telling about the domain hack I had thought about. And I asked her suggestion.

"Hanabi!", Jaya exclaimed! Even before I could ask what it meant, she explained, "It is a Japanese word for fireworks." "And fireworks are beautiful!", Jaya elucidated persuasively. What I did not tell her, was that I finally had found the word for my domain, for waiting for so many years!

In my defence, I was engaged in listening to her.

PS: I am not fond of lighting firecrackers. Sure, they might be beautiful, but I never quite enjoyed lighting them.

What happened to "First things first"?

It has moved. It is now here:
"First things first: my friend Jaya suggested me this name! And Jaya knows what is the best for me."

How did you make this website?

Oh, this website uses various awesome and cool technologies including CSS, HTML, JS, DOM, and different sets of static languages which make it as dynamic. This article about DHTML might be helpful. It is well-written, and the author has surely poured immense time and effort behind making such a compact yet easy to understand article.

You did not attribute for the website's icon!

The icon used by this website was designed by Rudityas W Anggoro. I found the icon on Iconfinder.
See, I just did!

Who helped you to make this website?

A lot of the scary, "technical" things were explained by Mikaela. If Mikaela had not have helped, I don't how I would have managed to do this!

I just saw an advertisement on this website. Why are you advertising?

It would be wonderful, as an enduser to have all the services. Well, that works in the fantasy world, but not all services are free. To add the option to comment on the posts, I am using the "Free" plan of Disqus. As of June 2, 2019, they do not run ads with the free tier. If you saw any ad, it must be because of:

  1. Change of Disqus' terms of service.
  2. You might have an Adware running on your system. (My home computer was infected with an adware in 2015 when it was running Windows. I had to uninstall a suspicious software to remove it.)
  3. Some other reason that I don't know, but I would love to know about it.

Hey! My question was not listed here.

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