Dated June 10, 2018

I may not be the person you feel comfortable talking and opening up to, and it is not your fault; and there may be a million things you would rather do, before even thinking of letting me speak to you, but it is my duty to tell you this:

Dear Tecrübe,
I may not be the person who can give you the sense of happiness a cigarette gives you.

I would never be able to take you to a different world, an eutopia.

I might never be the person you feel close to or feel comfortable with. You may hesitate opening up to me, you may feel "Why should I speak to this stranger?"

I do not blame you. It is not your fault I never tried to make things easy for you.

But let me tell you this: I will try, as much as I possibly can, for you to feel comfortable being you. Even if you say "There is no 'me' left in me". I do not believe that. It is my duty to tell you how amazing you are, Tecrübe. Even if you feel otherwise.

I don't want you to detach from this world. No, I am trying as much as possible, for you to be in this world. Maybe you don't need me, but I can see the mask you wear—this is not your true self. There is no reason to worry—be your true self. Do things that really makes you happy. Please embrace yourself. Accept yourself. Don't be so harsh on yourself, Tecrübe. You can end this suffering.

It is okay if you want to shut me out. You have the free will to do so and I respect your decision. But I will always be there for you. I see the hope in you.

I can see you are suffering. And I want to help you. Even if you don't want to talk about it, it is okay to ask for help—please don't ever forget that.

Your pain would never reduce if you are going to ignore it. Accept it. Embrace it. And that will be your first step towards healing.

It is okay if you hesitate acknowledge your sufferings. We all do. But because you do not want to acknowledge it—It is hard, yes. But if you want to overcome it, you need to believe in yourself.

Do you want to overcome it?

It is okay to fight alone. It is okay to ask for help. Don't ever be scared of "What others are going to feel about it?"

Accepting oneself is the single-most important thing, Tecrübe.

Remember Tecrübe: I will always be there for you.

—Just another person who sees hope in you

Tecrübe, please use your free will to make yourself happy—something that is long-lasting. You can make decisions yourself, but if you ever need help, do not hesitate.