Dated September 6, 2013

This is something I wrote in September 2013, for a morning assembly speech, but I did not write everything and did not explain everything. To deliver a speech, I used to pen down my thoughts on a piece of paper — to have an idea what came to my mind. I never carried the piece of paper with me to the "dais" and spoke whatever came to my mind at that instant.

I wish I could have written it in a better way. Even after five years, I find my thoughts somewhat similar. But I can express it in a better way. However, I would not do that. I do not edit what I have written once it is written—that is something I avoid. If you ask me about it now, I am ready to share my current thoughts about it.

Hello friends, we had some great events this week. Yesterday was teacher's day, on 3rd it was Closing Ceremony of Communal harmony.

Oh! I [a]m diverting from my point. Today I will speak about patriotism.

But I [a]m standing here to speak no good of patriotism.

So who is a patriot? A person who loves his [their] nation intensely.

Intense feelings mould our destiny.

So what is bad about it? Nothing! Nothing is bad about it but something is surely wrong becoz [because] of it.

[A] nation is related to territory, an area owned by a social group.

A patriot would care only for his [their] country.

[A] soldier is considered as a true patriot. These patriots will kill other patriots in war. It is because of war.

But why war? Because of territary [territory].

In the film Border, a soldier says, why should I fight a war? Why should I kill a soldier who loves his country[?] He, who has done no harm to me and is a son to [of] his mother?

So, do we actually have to kill a stranger who is serving for his [their] country[?]

Isn't it [the] mass destruction of Communal Harmony[?] And in Indians, patriotism is installed on the eve of 14th Aug[ust] and deactivated till by 15th night. [Many] Indians believe supporting India in a cricket match displays the patriotism. There was uncontrolled rain in Uttarakhand, some heavy showers in London. But [some] people desperately wanted that rain should stop in London so India could play final of CT2013 [ICC Champions Trophy 2013].

The next paragraph is controversial. At that time I was in a "Facebook comment-battle" with some of my seniors who said Pakistan is a terrorist nation. They also added: 'Pakistanis are terrorists'.

I, however, never endorsed this—but I did not document this properly in the article then. And while delivering the speech, I had changed it drastically not to make it offensive.

Next problem, differentiation. Frankly, several people thinks [think] about terrorist hearing 'Pakistan'. Just becoz [because] Al-Queda is in Pakistan? Pakistanis are also our brothers & sisters not becoz [because] first it [Pakistan] was part of India[,] but we all are homo sapiens.

There was no India in history nor there exists any India on this earth.

What is [the] difference between Indian land the rest of the world[?] Is water of Indian rivers sweeter than other rivers[?]

They [Then] why these boundaries[?] The whole earth is one. Nobody has right to chop it.

We say religion disturbs communal harmony. Totally wrong [I meant to say people/groups debating in the name of religion]. Every religion teaches you to be kind, to be honest, to help others [and] to respect everyone.

What does patriotism teaches [teach] you? To be unified in 1 [one] country and then kill those who try to snatch your motherland.

There is nothing called motherland. Don't try to divide mother Earth.

And at least, don't curse religions, they help you to be good and for perfect harmony, there should exist no boundary.

After I the delivered the speech, my principal asked me if my thoughts were influenced by his comments about patriotism. He had previously said "Patriotism is mad worship of the flag". I told him, "No", but I must admit, that remark had influenced me to speak about it.
It wasn't easy to speak about it without "stubbing someone's toe". I do not regret what I wrote, I wrote [what was going on in] my mind. But I would never decline an opportunity to go back in time, and ask my younger self not to be so gender-biased in the speech, and to better explain what exactly I was thinking—something I have improved later in my life, but I have not quite mastered it yet.

And: I do not think about the organised religion in the same way. Oh my! That remark about [organised] religion did not age well, did it?